Since 10th century Old Town Square is a main market place of Prague, sorrounded by wealthy townsmen’s houses. Centre of Old Town and civic life generally. Destroyed and devastated by wars and plagues just to flourish and rise again. Amazing collection of architectonic styles and historical events. Great cultural and urban development in 14th century followed by religious wars in 15th century. Then 30 years war and rebirth in 17th century, baroque era full of music and art in 18th century followed by industrial revolution and Czech National Revival in 19th century and then wavering 20th century. This tour is designed to introduce Czech history to you, while discovering highlights as well as hidden places of Old Town, New Town and Jewish quarter.

Duration: 2,5 Hours
1 – 4 guests: € 150 total
5 – 8 guests: € 240 total
9 – 12guests: € 360 total















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